Innovative Rigging



IGLU’s newest addition to Brisbane’s student living is located in the heart of Brisbane City. This is IGLU’s second Queensland development following their Kelvin Grove Apartments. Innovative Rigging was contracted to fabricate and install several greening elements, each designed to enhance the development’s break out spaces.

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Circa Dos Apartments feature three vertical greening trellises designed and installed by Innovative Rigging. Almost four months of growth have seen them become well established within the facade voids. They act as both sun shading and privacy screening solutions for the apartment residents.

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If you haven’t seen it yet, check out the new Epicurious community garden at the South Bank Parklands. INNOVATIVE RIGGING had the pleasure of manufacturing and installing the trellises and custom signage for this project. The plants have now had time to establish themselves on the trellises and they are flourishing! The garden is expanding upwards and an additional set of glossy trellises have now been put into production at the IRS workshop.

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